Cosmoprof Asia 2016 in HK

At Asia's most anticipated beauty event, attracting over 60,000 visitors annually across 21 different pavilions, Marianne Rose seduced a multitude of visitors with Luxury, Youth and Beauty.

Featuring at this sumptuous event and being at the forefront of cosmetics and skincare, Marianne Rose brings a fabulous and unique, high-end, luxury anti-aging skin care brand to the global market. Through its success, Marianne Rose attracts well-known manufacturers, distributors and agents from around the globe and together, innovate and explore the core concept of anti-aging.

Marianne Rose Collection Display

Marianne Rose N°1 ANTI-AGING

Marianne Rose achieved this high-end status through the constant, perpetual innovation of its formulas, utilizing only the best, natural ingredients to target the great multitude of skin varieties and respective ailments. Thus, Marianne Rose has successfully developed a great range of magnificent collections for the great variety of skin types. So, regardless of skin-type, age or even gender, Marianne Rose has the perfect product for you and, together, we can all achieve youthful, fuller skin through the marvels of anti-aging

Marianne Rose offers customized anti-aging programs and products per different skin problems.

N°1-Bio Stem Cells Collection

Without a doubt, it is entirely possible to regenerate aging skin and achieve a younger, more vibrant look. For instance, our Bio Stem Cells collection harnesses the latest scientific research to help women all over the world look more beautiful through an innovative formula, only using a highly-selected assembly of natural and marvelous ingredients.

Marianne Rose product introduction.

Marianne Rose-- N°2

Through our team of World-renowned dermatologists, Laboratoire Marianne Rose has developed a uniquely stunning essence, exploiting the many riches of the plant placenta reconstituted from hydrolyzed soy proteins and Aloe Barbadensis.

Marianne Rose attracting domestic and foreign customers

With France’s top medical experts at hand, Marianne Rose skin care has become the global pioneer in the World of anti-aging. Our Laboratoire Marianne Rose strictly upholds the concept of high-quality and stresses the use of natural raw ingredients. Through this meticulous and rigorous protocol, Marianne Rose has achieved the outstanding.

With Marianne Rose by your side, age will forever more be just a number…