Marianne Rose 2015: Asia-Pacific region (Hong Kong) International Beauty Show

In November 2015 Marianne Rose attended the globally renowned beauty show COSMOPROF ASIA HONG KONG.

According to statistics, there were 63,241 visitors from 119 countries (representing an increase of 5.5 percent), including overseas buyers accounting for 40,761 people (7 percent increase over last year) visited the event. The French Pavilion Marianne Rose counter attracted many admiring customers.

Marianne Rose’s brand ambassador, Miss France 2004 Laetitia Bléger, was also present to help out.

Miss France 2004, Laetitia Bleger, showing to customers Marianne Rose products

Pioneer brand Marianne Rose attracting domestic and foreign customers

Customers and Miss France exploring the topic of anti-aging

Marianne Rose provides customized solutions to customers

Agents interested in working with Marianne Rose

Environmental issues, climate change and so many other factors are the reason young skin ages prematurely

Marianne Rose offers customized anti-aging programs and products according to different skin problems.

Marianne Rose’s Bio Stem Cells Series

Marianne Rose’s most popular: Snake Anti-Wrinkle Series

Marianne Rose’s Plant Placenta Essence
Marianne Rose’s upcoming facial machines

Customers experiencing Marianne Rose’s face firming anti-aging machine

Marianne Rose captures the natural essence
Professionally developed in the south of France, Marianne Rose uses the most advanced methods of production, with a deep respect to traditional natural values
Marianne Rose produces unparalleled high quality anti-aging products.
Customers love Marianne Rose.

"I always knew intuitively that nature had special powers. And I was determined,
even as a small child, to unlock its secrets."--Marinane Rose
It is also this sentence that makes the Marianne Rose brand so special. Experience anti-aging with Marianne Rose!