"I always knew intuitively that nature had special powers. And I was determined, even as a small child, to unlock its secrets."

As a girl in her native village in the heart of Provence, Marianne Rose had a unique outlook on the natural world. She adored nature and was fascinated by the herbarium created by her forefathers. Spending a happy childhood observing nature and expanding her knowledge, she began to unravel the hidden benefits of Provence's plant life and the wonders they hold. In doing so, she realized that the pure crystal waters of Valreas were the key to the infinite potential of nature, and that she could use her insights to help women stay beautiful.

It was a revelation, an epiphany that led her to blend a wonderfully simple cream created using the very essences of nature. Working quietly and determinedly in the attic of her family home, Marianne Rose founded a new concept in cosmetology that has been her guiding light ever since.

A recognized pioneer in the beauty world, Marianne Rose has created a unique collection of luxury skincare products. Laboratoire Marianne Rose is renowned for their avant-garde flair and everyone who works with Marianne Rose was dedicated to respecting traditional values. All of which means consumers enjoy pure quality, pure ingredients and pure skincare magic!